Sunday, March 3, 2013

Impromptu Home Photoshoot

My reading week is ending today so I have to go back to school tomorrow sniff sniff
I decided since I havent dressed up in a while to have some fun with makeup and clothes etc etc. 
To boot, I wanted some new pictures for the cover of my fanpage cuz all of the pictures havent been updated for a year or more. It was a LOT of fun herpderping and I got some nifty pictures out of it too~!

I was going to do a makeup tutorial but i didnt do anything special this time so nevermind :/ Anyway here's a picture of me in my pyjamas pre-eyelashes.

Hat: Mbok
Jacket: Urban Planet
Top: Parasuco
(No j-brands for this, too lazy lol)

Makeup: Im actually wearing two pairs of falsies on top of each other haha, Spring Heart and Daisou lashes!! ( I have the fancy brands etc but why bother when you can get the same look with cheaper ones :P)

Lenses: EOS GBK-2 - These are so big and black sometimes i pretend im one of the demons from Supernatural ▽`)ノ♪  lol you would too okay

Then I tried Hime-Gyaru again:

This is my fave^ I like how the lighting turned out.

Top: Yumetenbou/DreamV
Hair: Prisila full wig and two volume half-wigs in TMGX (it was a lot of hair!!)
Necklace: Alice Dear (I made it c:)

Herp derp

aww yiss

I did all this in a couple of hours with just my Canon Rebel T3i, my tripod, an external flash, and a remote shutter release thingie (and of course photoshop after lol).

I sometimes feel like I do these shoots to justify all the time I waste looking at makeup tutorials and buying fancy clothing that I never wear  ( ̄▽ ̄~) !!


  1. You look super cute in all the photos!

    1. Thanks Ashi!! (Didnt know you were on blogger?? :O)