Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Angelic Pretty's Dream Fantasy in Sax Review

I know I havent updated in a while, but I've been working very hard on my animation portfolio which i just submitted yesterday!! I feel very relieved that its over, I just hope I can hear back soon about my results!

Until then, I'd like to do a review of the Dream Fantasy  that I just picked up from the post office.
I bought it secondhand, but its never been worn! However, it's not the full lucky pack.. the blouse is missing but its okay I bought it off Cadney for a really good price <3

On to the review~

Just look at that gorgeous blue!!

Back view. Lace up back~

Print closeup!

Teddy bear lace! Its holding balloons that read 'A' and 'P'.

The big is on the small side, but i dont mind. I never really count on lolita bags to be very practical lol. The strap is not removable but it is adjustable and has a cute heart buckle. Its also a nice soft pleather-y material!

Inside view! There are two little pockets inside for a cellphone or other small things which i think is handy.

The headbow is pretty standard.

OTK Socks. I think the blue could've been lighter as i find it a bit muted compared to the vibrant blues of the dress but i'm being picky :P

Overall im quite happy with this dress, I think it gives a really nice soft, gradient like feel with the light and dark blues. I cant wait to wear it out! I have plans to twin with Cadney since she has it in pink! Ive never twinned with her before so im excited <3

I hope my review helped a little! Thanks for reading~

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