Saturday, May 19, 2012

Anime North 2012 schedule!

Anime North 2012 is only a couple of weeks aways!!
I am both anxious and excited!!

I still have a lot of things to do, but im confident that if I organize my time correctly, things will work out.

Where can you find me?
If you want to come see me I will mainly be at my table in Crafter's Corner selling my accessories alongside Aya of Dolly Pink.

On Friday, I will be selling my used J-Rock goods and anime stuff in Nominoichi!! Its from 7:00pm to 10:30pm.
I have a lot of goodies to sell.
Aside from the usual manga and dvds etc, I have J-rock magazines like SHOXX, Arena37c, GAB, jrock flyers, Miyavi fanclub stuff, and LOTS OF POSTERS!!! haha~
i also have some rare Japanese anime figurines too :3 but you'll have to come see me to find out what they are ;D muhahaha..
Saturday, I will stay at my CC table, but im hoping to have someone sell some of my j-fashion clothing
Sunday, I will be in the fashion show! Not as a model this time, but as the leader for the Visual Kei/Jrock section! I'm kinda nervous but excited. I have a pretty epic outfit planned, inspired by Sisen's outfit in his Seileen project that he did with Selia ^^ (Try saying that ten times fast)

If you're unfamiliar with the look, this is what i mean (Sisen is the one in purple) :

I've been kindof obsessing over this concept of horns and matted hair and decadent clothing for a looooong time now and what better chance to pull together an outfit like this than for a japanese fashion show!

Admittedly, I really wanted to participate in the Gyaru show, but I think just one category will be a lot to handle on its own.. (also i think im too chubs to wear skimpy clothing on a runway at the moment ^^;)

Speaking of outfits, this is my plan so far:

  • Friday: Himegyaru! - I have this beautiful pink JSK from Angelic Pretty called 'Pure angel frill' and I bought some priscilla wig pieces. (Update: they arrived in time!)
  • Saturday: Lolita - Coord with Aya! We're supposed to be somewhat matching, but I'm still not even sure how it's gonna go down cuz i keep changing my mind =_=;
  • Sunday: Gothic - The Sisen inspired outfit i mentioned ^^

I got my Priscilla wig piece from my mbok order and styled it with another wig. I'm still experimenting though, because its difficult to make the colors match. This will be for my Hime outfit.

My friend thinks it doesnt suit me, but i dont care I want to have fabulous hair *___*

So, what's in the works for Alice, Dear?

Right now I'm working on the display design! I know its a little late heh, but from doing it last year, I feel that I can pull it together in time :) Last year I cut it really close, and ended up finishing it by myself at the last minute, which was not ideal but i learned my lesson :P

My final sketch from last year's design.

This year, I get more of my style  in the design, since last year I wasnt really an official artist and was only sharing partly with Pinku Project and Dolly Pink. But since this year half the table is officially mine, I get half the say in the display!

Aya and I had talked about the concept quite early on in the year, and originally we'd thought to do a bear & bunny theme.

But we both agreed that the sides were too bulky and might cross into another artist's space so we changed the design to a castle.

I refined the idea further, and at last we've come up with our final design-

I'm going to try and finish it before Monday if I can.. even though I have two night shifts in a row =_=

But aside from the display, my crafting is coming along slowly. I dont have nearly as much stuff as I had wanted done by now.. I still have to make some lucky packs, signs for prices, and take inventory. I'm quite stressed about it, mainly because my work is giving me more shifts this week than they have ALL SUMMER and its pissed me off to no end why they waited until the WEEK BEFORE Anime North to give me hours. It's ridiculous. I had to give away my thursday shift because it was a closing shift the night before Friday of AN... like wtf.


I probably won't update until after AN, but who knows. My Etsy store also won't be shipping items until after the convention to minimize my stress LOL

If you're going to the convention, please come say hello!! ^^
I'll also be at Fanexpo, but just as a cosplayer since tables are very expensive there ;w; More info on that later ^^

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