Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Fake Limecrime Velvetines

I bought these off aliexpress for around $2 each free shipping. I have used Limecrime stuff in the past, but a couple of them got stolen when my car got broken into and someone took my bag :(

Right now all i have is the black velvet velvetine and though its definitely not my favourite liquid lipstick, its better than these knockoffs :S

-The colours are very wrong, especially Faded
-Smell is really synthetic and floral-y. Pretty off-putting.

-Low cost
-Dries matte quickly
-Very hard to remove (long lasting)

Black Velvet is Authentic, The rest are fake.

Far left is authentic. All the rest are fake.

Top to Bottom:


 Verdict: I would not recommend these. I really hate the smell and they go on very patchy and a tad too liquidy. The biggest disappointment was how off 'Faded' was in terms of colour. Cashmere is pretty close to ColourPop's Trap but a little lighter and not as flattering. They are quite drying but the real ones are also quite drying so not too much of a difference.

 I would recommend Nyx's lingerie line instead if you're on a budget. They're $9, a lot less drying and excellent colours. If you can afford to go higher, OFRA and Gerard cosmetics are my two top faves atm, in terms of formula and colour.

Have you bought the fake ones? Have you tried both?

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Summer drawings!

Will probably be able to post more in these coming months :D
hated everything else i did during second year lol

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Benjamin meets pie

(I'm not sure how he cut the pie so cleanly...hm)

6 Pose character design performance! Redesigned an old character for this. It was fun! Still trying to improve as i go. 

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Pretty Ladies and 3D animations and mini rant

I'm really enjoying animating in Maya. Wish I'd had more time to work on both these animations... 
I feel like we're so overwhelmed with deadlines that we aren't really able to put in 100% effort into any one project because we're too worried about meeting the deadline. 

I do my best to plan my time but and for the most part i think i'm okay but i also want to be healthy socially and physically so sometimes i need to make sacrifices. I literally plan my days out by the hour and i have to make a conscious effort to go out downtown or see friends. If i don't make time to exercise or go out sometimes with people, I feel really crappy and depressed. I really don't think it's healthy to be stuck at home doing homework 7 days a week, which happens too often. So as a result I hand in assignments late or really bad quality work. I know other classmates have the same struggles. 

Balance is so important in this program, and self discipline. You really won't survive if you can't keep yourself mentally happy and healthy.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Mean Ol' Gater

The little kid was inspired by Greg from Over the Garden Wall :) If you haven't watched the show, do so!

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

24hr Animated Film: Well Fed by Sentai Snails

Above is the Sentai Snail's entry for the 24 hour film competition! The Sentai Snails, aka: Eggy, Erika, Jon and Christian, and me!

The contest details:
Make a 30 second short film in 24 hours with a team of 5 people. We are not allowed help from teachers, or are able to use pre-existing characters. The entries will be themed so as to prevent anyone from prepping ahead of time. There were 52 groups participating from USA, Canada and Australia! There were prizes from Dreamworks, Disney, CTNX, and Wacom to name a few.

Unfortunately, we didn't place.. but no harm done! It was a really great learning experience for everyone involved. We had some great laughs (some freak-outs too) and are proud of our silly chickens! 

To be honest, our team was not a close knit bunch to begin with. It actually formed very randomly and I only just met two of our teammates just a couple of weeks before. To top that, we almost did not even get a chance to participate due to the limited number of Cintiqs in our studio! We managed to scrape in with some persistent emailing on my part.. 

On the day of the competition all the participating groups gathered in Nancy's classroom (our storyboard teacher who organized it all). We all waited to hear what the theme was to be via a live stream on YouTube. When we found out what it was, a lot of us were concerned:

"All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others." - George Orwell

Such a difficult theme! We thought it was going to be something like 'cooking' or 'embarrassing moments' or something broad like that.

Luckily we were able to come up with a story quite fast.  I actually thought of show-cats originally, but then decided chickens might be funnier and it seemed to spark something with the others and then everyone started throwing out jokes. Erika was storyboarding while we were throwing out ideas and we were actually laughing the whole time. By the time we were done, this is what we had:

 We made some minor adjustments and then started breaking it down into who would animate which scene.

Christian animated the grabbing and the roast scene:

Erika animated the swallow scene:

Eggy animated the pecking and the blowing up scene:

I animated the little jig that the fat chicken does and the weird ugly squashing scene lol:

Jon did all the backgrounds/layouts: (plus inside the barn)

Also a huge thanks to Erika who did a lot of fixing up, compositing and sound editing!

  • Within the last hour of the competition, Christian's Cintiq crashed and messed up all the coloured frames for the pecking scene. Jon and I had to speed colour around 200 frames in half an hour so that we could upload it in time!
  • The weird hen noise at the end where the egg comes out of the roast is actually Jon's voice.
  • We made a bit of a screw up by not colouring outside of the frame, which is why the human hand is 'dismembered', which you can see in the first screen cap for the grabbing scene.
  • The egg that the smaller chicken laid is not coloured in properly because Jon forgot that the background for the chickens was not going to be white!
  • I came up with the title 'Well-Fed', but before that we were thinking of 'Sunny side up', 'Cracked', and 'Fluffy Chickens' to name a few.
  • You can see the skinny chicken's bum-oley when he lays the egg out of shock:

Wrapping up

It was a great and fun experience all around. I feel privileged to have worked with such talented people and even though i was technically 'the group leader' it was really irrelevant to the process because everyone brought their A-game. I also learned how to compromise in spite of creative differences, and to stop and listen to what others had to say--even if you think your idea is the best.

 I still remember crying with laughter when we all watched the scene where the chicken squishes his head in and does the weird tongue flicking thing. I have to say i still laugh at the gravy farting noise and the egg at the end, but i'm probably biased :)

Here are the winners of the competition!
1st: Deflated
4th: Dig In  Go Sheridan!!

And the other teams from Sheridan:

Saturday, September 13, 2014

art update

Hi I'm alive im sorry.
Here is some stuff from last year and summer,,
I was busy with cons so i didn't draw a lot over the break except to do some commissions and print stuff. Sometimes i feel like long breaks help me come back fresher and looser~