Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Fake Limecrime Velvetines

I bought these off aliexpress for around $2 each free shipping. I have used Limecrime stuff in the past, but a couple of them got stolen when my car got broken into and someone took my bag :(

Right now all i have is the black velvet velvetine and though its definitely not my favourite liquid lipstick, its better than these knockoffs :S

-The colours are very wrong, especially Faded
-Smell is really synthetic and floral-y. Pretty off-putting.

-Low cost
-Dries matte quickly
-Very hard to remove (long lasting)

Black Velvet is Authentic, The rest are fake.

Far left is authentic. All the rest are fake.

Top to Bottom:


 Verdict: I would not recommend these. I really hate the smell and they go on very patchy and a tad too liquidy. The biggest disappointment was how off 'Faded' was in terms of colour. Cashmere is pretty close to ColourPop's Trap but a little lighter and not as flattering. They are quite drying but the real ones are also quite drying so not too much of a difference.

 I would recommend Nyx's lingerie line instead if you're on a budget. They're $9, a lot less drying and excellent colours. If you can afford to go higher, OFRA and Gerard cosmetics are my two top faves atm, in terms of formula and colour.

Have you bought the fake ones? Have you tried both?

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