Thursday, March 19, 2015

Pretty Ladies and 3D animations and mini rant

I'm really enjoying animating in Maya. Wish I'd had more time to work on both these animations... 
I feel like we're so overwhelmed with deadlines that we aren't really able to put in 100% effort into any one project because we're too worried about meeting the deadline. 

I do my best to plan my time but and for the most part i think i'm okay but i also want to be healthy socially and physically so sometimes i need to make sacrifices. I literally plan my days out by the hour and i have to make a conscious effort to go out downtown or see friends. If i don't make time to exercise or go out sometimes with people, I feel really crappy and depressed. I really don't think it's healthy to be stuck at home doing homework 7 days a week, which happens too often. So as a result I hand in assignments late or really bad quality work. I know other classmates have the same struggles. 

Balance is so important in this program, and self discipline. You really won't survive if you can't keep yourself mentally happy and healthy.

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