Saturday, March 16, 2013

Amo Wig Review from CosQueen

If you havent heard of AMOYAMO before, definitely check them out. They're an adorable duo that started out as models for magazines such as KERA, a magazine featuring lots of spunky Harajuku fashions! Naturally, I'm a big fan :) 
They both have awesome style and they started making J-Pop music that is also worth a listen! I never was a huge fan of J-Pop but i actually like their stuff quite a bit. I've had their song 'A☆M☆O☆Y★A★M★O ' stuck in my head quite a few times lol

So I recently acquired some new wigs for my shop CosQueen, and I really wanted to take this Amo-inspired wig for a test run as soon as I saw it. I seriously considered dyeing my hair like Amo's before i saw this wig :P. I'm just so in love with the subtle tones of lavender/mauve/cocoa. It reminds me of sweet mulberry tea c:

I took it out of the bag and holy guacamole, was I impressed. This wig is so soft and thick, i could tell i wasnt going to be disappointed. I have to admit, when I first saw the stock picture I wondered if the colors would be true, and if they would suit my skintone...  usually muted colors look pretty bad on me. Thankfully all those worries were quickly banished when i tried it on!

Detail shots!
Circle lenses: EOS V-201 Pure Brown
Jacket: Rose Fan Fan
Shirt: MILK
Pin: Found on the subway in Tokyo!
Hair elastic: Gift

'Gen spotted a wild cupcake. mmmm.'
The mini bat clip and ice cream ring are both handmade, from my accessory brand 'Alice Dear'!

This wig is as thick as some of my Prisila wigs!! I was very impressed and I cannot say enough good things about this wig <3 
  • The curls are my favorite type of curl; not too ringlet-y, not too wavy. 
  • I tend to get annoyed with wigs that are longer than 70 cm, so this one was the perfect length for me at 60cm! 
  • Its slightly longer than my natural hair and it detangles so easily, even just with my fingers. I have a really good wig brush as well, but i didnt have to use it at all.
  • Its heat resistant, so I could curl the bangs to get that Amo style right, same with her little side tails xD
  • And of course its adjustable, like most wigs are of this quality :)

Cliché cat face lol

Where can you buy one for yourself?
You can pre-order it from me in my Facebook shop CosQueen! I'm having a sale on wigs and EOS circle lenses right now! The pre-order ends on March 28th, but you can get all contact lenses for $15/pair and all wigs 10% off until March 22nd! 

The lenses I'm wearing are EOS V-201 'Pure Brown' Series! Also available in my shop ^^

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  1. You are looking so beautiful and adorable. I really loved your wig and want to try this on me. Thanks for sharing.