Thursday, March 14, 2013

Toronto Comic Con Recap

This past weekend was Toronto Comic Con at the  Metro Toronto Convention Center!

Its run by the same people who host FanExpo Canada every summer. Usually there is an anime convention around this time of year (Toronto Anime Con, also known as MTAC), but this year it seems they combined the comic con and the anime con. I had been to MTAC in previous years and it was usually pretty small.. this year, it was huge and i totally wasn't expecting the size!!

I was preparing until pretty late the night before. My friend Celena slept over and helped out too, counting my inventory, gluing stuff, cutting things etc. It sped up things quite considerably and im very grateful!

We woke up at 6am, did some last minute crafting, got dressed and then we got picked up by two of the SP crew, MaddSketch and Vince Sunico! They helped me load all of the table stuff into their car which was a huge help.

I had a table this year with the help of Spent Pencils, an art group im a part of.
Here are some pics of what my booth looked like! I'm the one in the Hime getup, and Celena is in the purple/pink wig.

Celena took way better detail shots than me lol

I had a bunch of alpacas, but they all sold out within the first day!! My table was located pretty far in the back so I needed to figure out a way to attract people. I bought helium balloons that we tied to the alpacas and i also bought a huge bottle of bubble solution that i used during down periods!

We had a little sheep called Freddy who guarded are wares with his fluff.

 ...But then he got impaled by a borg...
 R.I.P. Freddy the 16th. He will be missed.

On Saturday i really wanted a chance to wear this Anna house OP that I had bought a while ago.

 So I decided to pair it with hime style hair.

From Celena's instagram!

Blingified lol

The only downside was the sleeves were pretty long on my dress and whenever I wanted to point out stuff to customers on the table i knocked stuff over all the time..

I actually got interviewed by someone for George Strombolopolous which was cool at first, but then he asked me kinda annoying/awkward things.

Interviewer: How old are you?
Me: *laughs* Forever 17!
Interviewer: So i guess this means what we're doing is illegal
Me: that depends, are you going to do something inappropriate???
Interviewer: Maybe.. Dundundunnn
Interviewer: *whispers* we're not going to air that part *laughs*
Me: (thinks to myself)...So that people wont know how creepy you actually are, right?.. =_=

.....uhh weird

By Sunday I was really tired from the first day and you could tell cuz in some of the photos i just looked like i was wincing in pain instead of smiling haha so sorry to all the people who got pictures of me on that day fffff
My plain makeup on Sunday. Excuse the winter jacket it was bloody cold.

I dont really have a lot of pictures of myself on Sunday, cuz i was pretty busy and forgot. It wasnt anything special anyways haha. I wore Angelic Pretty's Sugary Carnival in lavender that I hadnt got a chance to wear yet either. It's one of my dream prints that i recently got my hands on in a trade!

We got interviewed by a show called 'Talk Nerdy to Me'. The host was a lot nicer and chill and he wore one of my wigs while they filmed which was pretty funny cuz he had a goatee too xD i think its supposed to air online, but i havent checked yet.

And to finish this post, have some pics of the cosplayers who posed for us!

Jack Frost!!! She bought some adult blue contacts from me and came back wearing them!! It looked so amazing <3

Crazy amazing armour

Zombie Victoria's Secret Angel!


K-on alice in wonderland theme? Cute!!

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