Tuesday, September 3, 2013

First Year Sheridan Animation

So i just finished my first day at Sheridan in the Animation program, and although it was a bit of a rocky start as i expected, i'm excited regardless. First period was awkward because i got to class just on time but the whole lecture hall was filled so i sat alone at the back like a loser lol. Nobody really talked to each other until second period but I made a couple of friends in the end so it wasn't too bad! Painting class looks like it will be fun! I'm not that great with gouache but it looks like such a versatile medium that im excited to gain a better understanding of it! I want to make pretty gradients! lol

I really would like to get to know more people in the program, as i feel a bit like a fish out of water.. I hope people dont think im scary because most of the time i have a tired bitch face on lol damn 8am classessss @_@

Anyway, here are some of my pieces from my accepted portfolio. Sorry you dont get to see my room drawings, they were really bad and for some reason the pencil like.. rubbed off? idunno maybe it was too waxy or something..

Life Drawing

I got all 4s on the Life drawing section of my portfolio (including hands and animals) yaaaay supah proud



sorry for the huge watermark lol

Yup thats it~ The rest is not that important or not that good lol. 
Feel free to ask me any questions, it took me three years so im pretty sure i can tell you how not to do a portfolio quite well lol

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