Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Must.. post.. more..

I keep seeing all these awesome blogs and thinking 'Man, I should really write something too...' and then I never do. I never even posted about my Anime North experience >_<

Here are some pics of my side of the Crafter's Corner table, courtesy of Katrina Duda :)

 That's me up there wearing Jewelry Jelly in sax ^

 Ice cream scoop rings! I sold almost all of them >_<

Some of my gothic stuff. Those necklaces you see all sold out!! They were very popular and I should've made more D:
Milky hear rings, Simple heart satin ribbon chokers, Creamy Jelly Jar necklaces (I only have the blue one left!), Oh and some macaron rings!

To keep it brief, it was a really great learning experience. I made a thousand dollars that weekend, off my crafts, my Nominoichi sales (Flea market, used anime stuff) and last minute sales for fellow cosplayers in need of emergency wigs! I had a really great time selling with my good lolita buddy, Aya. If you stopped by our table, she was the one with medium length blonde hair and pigtails (her natural hair, not a wig!) Her brand is called Dolly Pink! (click on the link to go to her blogger).
This is Aya! Isn't she cute?

She sold my stuff for me for a few days since I wasn't able to stay at the table for the whole weekend. She was an AMAZING 'saleslolita' (lol). I always under price my crafts and she bumped up my prices for me and got them to sell! I'm so grateful for that T_T

Did you know,  my parents and family all call me 'The Doll'? It's kind of a personal secret lol and I used to be embarrassed by it when I was punk etc.. but now that I'm into lolita I don't mind it xD
Apparently they first started calling me Doll before I even had the name Gen, because they hadn't decided what to call me yet.....

Small business rant:

I've recently had to raise my prices since shipping costs have gotten higher and if I kept them at the old prices I would lose money, as I'm making only a tiny profit from each wig.. People don't really know and it makes me flustered when they complain about prices >_< I just can't compete with e-bay pricing because they are usually the factories themselves selling, and they deal with large quantities which means lower wholesale prices... while I deal with small quantities and that means higher wholesale prices T_T


Anyways... That aside, I wanna show everyone my new necklace design! 

Demon Star Necklace! Available in custom colors!

I had quite a few people tell me that there wasn't enough original gothic jewelry out there for lolitas, which I also found to be true. I guess this is the reason why all my gothic stuff sold out at AN xD It seems to be more popular than sweet styles! I'm usually thinking up sweet designs, but now I'm doing my best to develop some more 'dark' themed pieces.

The truth is, I find gothic to be difficult to design with because when it comes to symbols, I think it's more limited than sweet style. 
For example, 
Sweet Lolita has all kinds of cute symbols: Candy, cute animals, hearts, stars, lacey things, cakes, pastries, ANYTHING that tastes sweet.
Gothic has: Bats, roses, crosses, ravens, coffins, cats.... chandeliers/cages?? Its limited...

Regardless.. I'll do my best to come up with some cool designs. Just promise me you'll buy em!! haha jkjk

Next post, I'll be giving some Miyavi cosplay tips!! Look forward to that haha~
I call it my 'Miyavi angle' LOL

Keep rockin~!

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